"Suntag is the only long term recreational fishing program in Australia that has consistently helped improve the knowledge on and handling of hundreds of species. "

Suntag Australia
Suntag Australia Stats
Infofish Citizen Science Report 2016-17


1. Provide a world-class future oriented information service that influences fisher's decision making.
2. Focus on providing information to fishing opinion makers that bring about change in their fishing circles.
3. Engage a wide range of community interests in data collection and information distribution.
4. Use leading edge technology to empower the community with knowledge


  • Ongoing Monitoring of 25 Species
  • Ongoing Monitoring of 350 Sites in Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia
  • 690,000 Fish Tagged
  • 1.19M Fish Reported Overall
  • 62,000 Recaptures
  • 893,000 Fishing Days
  • 13,000 Square Kms Territory covered
  • 1,400 Species Reported
  • Best Tagger has Tagged 25,403
  • Best Species Barramundi has Tagged 228,691
  • 16,600 Trophy Fish Reported

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