Manage your fishers in all conditions

Track my Fish has been built to manage unsupervised fishers without the need for them to return to base or load new software every time there is a change to the requirements.


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Your App - Your Way

Track My Fish is setup to be customisable via the backend. Clients can choose the data they need, workflow, length of the event, even the species involved.

Track My Fish is designed to deal with different event formats seamlessly, enabling an organisation to run completely different events (e.g. competitions, crowdsourcing, regular citizen science) all from the one platform. We also fully support a very affordable white labelling service for clients that wish to run a service under their own branding.

- All own graphics & logos
- Own terms of service
- Branded registration page
- Deploy via app store or private network
- Auto register for your programs
- iPhone and Android supported

Track My Fish Event Model

At the heart of Track My Fish is a flexible event model. The event model enables Researchers/Program managers to manage seperate fishing groups or data collections formats from the one location. At least one event must be defined, but there is no limit to the number of events per group.

- Events can run over any timeframe (down to less than one day)
- 12 Pre-built event formats for most data collection exercises
- Control the type of data collected by event
- Control which fishers are involved by event
- Define who is notified for things such as daily reports by event

Recording Fish Catches

Recording fish catches is the primary purpose of the Track My Fish App. Track My Fish focuses on making this task as simple as possible, while being able to be adjusted at any time automatically for all fishers via the backend.

- Report catches via app or the web
- Turn on/off tracking of trip times in the backend
- Support for tags and recaptures
- Customisable species list via the backend
- Lengths in mm or inches
- Fishers can assign fish to other fisher (only need one recording device per boat)
- Fishers can set and track personal goals
- Automatic notification of trophy catches and other notable achievements


Track My Fish supports Crowdsourcing for regular catches and unstructured catches such as pest fish, climate change or fish health. These style of events can be run seperate to and in parallel with regular fishing groups. For public based crowdsourcing, we recommend an app put out under the clients branding that is locked to the crowdsourcing event to make the process as simple as possible. For crowdsourcing among known users, the process is as simples as adding fishers to the monitoring event and sending them an app notice that the event is available.

Data in All Conditions

Phone connections aren't available all the time, and battery lives are not unlimited. Track My Fish has a built in offline mode that allows fishers to record catches without the need to have a data connection. For fishers that have small data plans, the app can be used in offline mode all day, then catches uploaded via wi-fi back at home.

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