Hi, We're Infofish

Infofish is a family business that for 30 years has been dedicated to great fisheries citizen science.

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What drives us

How do you translate passion into a multi generational project?

Problem Solving

There is nothing that we love doing more than solving fishing problems. Over 30 years we have worked at all scales, from local to national and into a third generation we are still finding new challenges all the time. That real world experience is what grounds us and keeps us ever focused on meaningful outcomes.


For 30 years, we have endevoured to answer questions that are important to fishers with as little as possible commentary. Our focus is always to get the best possible data we can and make that data and analysis as accessible as possible to allow individual fishers to make better decisions.


While many of the methods used in fisheries science are tried and true, the modern world has made many of them harder to implement. We are always looking to update our methods in gathering and interpreting data, so long as it's done ethically and with robust science.

Meet the Team

Infofish is a collection of Fishers and Technical Staff who have dedicated themselsves to tackling fisheries problems.

Bill Sawynok
Stefan Sawynok
Managing Director
Charlie Chandra
Project Manager
Andi Nurfadjrin
Lead Web Developer
Cindy Situmorang
Lead App Developer

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