A Backend that puts you in the Drivers Seat

Track my Fish has been built to manage unsupervised fishers and automate most of the tasks of tracking fisher activity and providing updates.


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Project Management

In order to manage data, you need to be able to associate it with the data collection activity. While some organisations have a single data collection exercise many run multiple project simultaneously. Track My Fish enables managers to run multiple projects at once, with the time saved available for analysis and putting project data to proper use.

- Create short term or ongoing events
- Invite fishers to join in events
- Define what data is important
- Define who needs to be kept updated on activity

Fisher and Data Management

Fishers need to be able to access the tools for data entry with ease and minimal steps. Over the past year, we have run into many hurdles that amount to - it's not simple enough. Equally managers need to be able to know who is involved in the project or program and if they are actively submitting data.

- Add fishers to an event via the app or backend
- Review Data as it's submitted
- Stay updated on fisher activity
- Export Data as Required

Communications and Alerts

One of the biggest challenges in any projects is staying on top of activity. If you are working with colleagues in an office there is the option of daily or weekly meetings but with volunteer fishers in the field there is no such option. In our time running Suntag, this has been a huge challenge. How do you know when data has been lodged? How do you get alerted to something identified in the field. This is an area of Track My Fish we are constantly improving as with any team, communication is king.

- Optional Email Alerts when Fishing
- Optional Daily Summary of Fishing Activity
- Optional Alert of Crowdsource/Observational Data
- Send Push Notifications to Fishers


Monitoring and Realtime Reporting is one of the most powerful parts of Track My Fish. Fishers want to know how their data is contributing to a project and the Track My Fish Dashboards. Why spend time writing newsletters that highlight small snapshots of data when you can keep all your fishers up to date all the time?

There proof is in the pudding. Here are a couple of live projects to check out. Many more are available at Crystal Bowl and fisher specific updates at Suntag Statistics.

Stocked Barramundi Fitzroy River
Australia Bass in Lake Samsonvale
Mangrove Jack in South East Queensland
King Threadfin in Brisbane River

- Track Effort and Fisher Activity
- Track Catch Rates
- Track Fish Sizes
- Track Age Profiles
- Track Juvenile Fish
- Track Specific Fishers
- Highlight important catches
- Track other Data Sets (e.g. Commercial Data)

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